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Qokus : instant answers powering instant decisions

Do you want to have stronger connections within your community? We make it easy for thousands of communities to instantly give and receive feedback. Create, join, and engage groups relevant to you. Download Qokus and engage with your community.

Qokus allows you to express your opinion and to know the opinion of others in a completely anonymous and instantaneous way.

Say goodbye to time-consiming Google searches before getting at an answer you don’t even know is reliable and get the unbiased opinion of thousands of people instantly. Qokus’ playful and friendly experience makes answering questions entertaining and insightful.


Many uses

It can be used in many ways: it can be a tool to reassure you in your daily decisions, a tool to settle debates that emerge during a dinner with friends, a tool to get to know your employees better, or simply a tool that allows you to find out people’s opinions on a particular subject when you are curious.


How it works






Who can see my answers?
Your answers remain confidential at all times! Votes are anonymous and your username is not visible to other users. The number of respondents is disclosed to users who also answered the question.
Is there any way to manage the notifications?
Yes, you can access the settings through you profile button, and disable or enable notifications for each community.
Is it possible to leave a community?

Yes, if a community does’nt meet your interests anymore or you have joined it by mistake, you can leave it by clicking on Community > Manage my communities (choose the community) > Leave community. 

Why are questions only available for 24 hours?

Qokus allows you to get people’s opinions instantly. We know our opinions change often and many things can happen in 24 hours. Since our opinions are constantly being challenged, the results from yesterday become less relevant. 

How can I see the results to a question?

The only way to see the answers to a question is to have answered it or asked it.

How can I join a private community?

You can join a private community in two possible ways. You can use a community invitation code and enter the 6-digit code via Community > Join a community with a code. The second option is to use an invitation link from another member of the private community. The invitation link and invitation code can be found by looking at the community details. They can be shared by a member of the private community

Can I share a question with my friends or through social media?

yes, it is possible to share a question by using the results screen, and then by selecting the 3 small dots (…) at the top of the screen.

Why do we get to pick a username if our responses are anonymous?​

Your username is only visible to the community owner. It allows the community owner to control who is part of his group. For example, a private community serving purpose to a business could decide to remove its former employees from its community. Remember, the owner may see your username, but will never know the name attached to an answer. 

Why isn’t my username displayed in the comments?
At Qokus, we guarantee anonymity. That’s why Qokus randomly generates a new handle for each question you comment on. So, there will be no possibility for anyone to know who you really are, giving you the ability to express yourself and benefit from complete freedom of thought.
Is my personal information sold?

Qokus has no intention of using the answers to your questions or any other information to target you for third party advertising.